What is Why Mavro?

What is MAVRO?

MAVRO is a new decentralized system, which helps members of MLM (Multilevel Marketing) networks to optimize sales, as well as to keep records of the “marketing tree” members, to make payments and remunerations instantly, without commissions and bureaucratic delays.

Today, MLM business has a plenty of problems. Even the centralization, when the management of the system is concentrated in the same hands. In simple words: something is controlled by a single entity. In case it’s removed – everything brakes. Because of the blockchain technology, the MAVRO system is decentralized, and due to the complete exclusion of a human factor, it will never collapse. The same notorious human factor affects the activity of the system as a whole. In any structure, there are always some unscrupulous people who hinder the development of a business. And because of it, the others, conscientious people, don’t have an opportunity to receive the high incomes. However, in the decentralized system, the human factor is excluded. Everyone makes their own decisions about how and how much he/she wants or can earn, not depending on the efficiency of their business colleagues.

Non-transparent income pattern discourages many, who are interested in MLM business, from participating in it. In the MAVRO system, the income scheme is absolutely transparent. All money transactions (transfers) are fixed and permanently saved in the system.
High-income taxes do not allow MLM business to turn to the white schemes of work. Digital money (cryptocurrency) is not taxed. And the MAVRO system, based on blockchain technology, allows you to remain anonymous when carrying out any transaction.
Due to the uncontrolled emission of paper money every year, they lose their liquidity. With MAVRO, the issue of digital money is limited, which makes it possible to exclude the risk of inflation. Cryptocurrency, in its essence, is a deflationary currency.

Today, the system is a convenient service, with a platform for creating an MLM tree, where each new user can either create his own MLM network or join the existing one. All transactions, referral deductions and other financial procedures will be available in “live”. In addition, it is worth mentioning that there is a convenient user interface, the presence of which the other blockchain projects cannot boast of. Due to the user-friendly interface, people who are far away from the crypto community will be able to use the system as well. The wallet with currency will be directly integrated into the system and will be available immediately after registration.

In addition, the project gives ready-made monetization solutions to all users:

  • – an opportunity to create your own “marketing tree”
  • – convenience in storing and withdrawing funds
  • – convenience in obtaining referral deductions
  • – advertisement of the products sold

The project is an unprecedented innovation in the MLM system, the blockchain system will eliminate costs and waste of time for the exchange of funds, purchase/sale of goods and receipt of referral deductions. However, its possibilities are a way higher than the latter.
The funds raised during the ICO will be spent on project promotion, server scaling, API and mobile application development, as well as improvement of the current functionality of the system and development of the planned one.
The purpose of the “Mavro” project is to enable its users, especially newcomers in MLM-systems, to earn money by attracting new referrals and convenient integration into the “tree” of existing network marketing projects.
The team has worked out a detailed roadmap until the middle of 2019, which you can check it out on, a more detailed description of the project development plan can be found in White Paper, which will be available at the Pre-Sale stage. You can start using the service already during the ICO. Currently, a closed beta test of the product is conducted. In order to be able to join an open beta test, you need to subscribe to the newsletter on

Everyone has a rare opportunity to try the project at the stage of ICO!

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