What is SuperNET? A Simple Explanation

Ever since its creation SuperNET has been a bit confusing. It has been hard to understand as the term has had multiple meanings: an organization, a vision and the product itself.

A typical answer to the question ‘what is SuperNET?’ has been some mission statement along with a list of things it is developing. Those projects under development might seem disconnected from each other, which has created a deep belief that SuperNET just launches new projects and never finishes them.

In 2015 it seemed the situation became even more complex as a new creature called “Iguana” was introduced. Fast forward to today and throw “Komodo” in the mix. Confusing? Yes, but hold on.

The introduction of Iguana made the situation simpler as it gave a new name for the low-level technology. Now the technology itself is called Iguana core, and SuperNET is the organization developing it.

Iguana core is a huge code base written in C language, and thus far it has been designed entirely by SuperNET’s lead developer and architect jl777. It is not a new product, however, as the work began right when SuperNET itself started.

SuperNET’s roadmap has changed over time, and the announcement of Iguana significantly upgraded it. The previous plan was to simply build on top of Nxt. Now, however, it has evolved into a creation of an independent platform. Nevertheless, the vision has stayed the same: unite the cryptocurrency field.

To obtain independence the team introduced another component called Komodo. It serves as the platform for the whole vision. Komodo’s blockchain will be used as the backbone of the overall structure, and the coin itself is its infrastructure coin. In more simple terms: Komodo is there whenever a blockchain is required.

What is the vision then? It is to use the low-level technology of Iguana core and the services of Komodo to build applications on top of the platform. The result is a blockchain ecosystem where services can be connected to each other. Iguana will make blockchains talk with each other and Komodo provides privacy and security features.

SuperNET is unlike any other organization as it is a horizontally structured organization. Its actions are transparent, plans are laid out, and its products are open source. It’s employees and shareholders form a loose community where each member have its role.

No one is really in charge, but instead, the responsibilities are divided for those who have proven to be capable. Through a strong track record community members learn to trust each other, and then the responsibilities and tasks are divided among them.

By no doubt, jl777 is an important person for the organization. People often falsely assume he’s responsible for everything, but he is always quick to point out that he’s just working on the back end. Today he’s not even the only C developer, as the team recently hired a new developer named Nazmul Alam.

What is SuperNET? SuperNET is simply a horizontally structured organization building open source and decentralized technology. Like any organization, it has a vision and mission; as well as a team and community.