William Mougayar

William Mougayar and His Impact on Blockchain Technology

William Mougayar is the founder of startup management. He is an author, venture capitalist, and a token specialist. Mougayar, as an intelligent author, uses his research skills and vast knowledge of Blockchain, tokens, and Bitcoin to mentor people on how they can build their startups and venture in any business that uses the Blockchain technology to function.

 Mougayar’s Impact on Blockchain

William Mougayar has groomed investors and recruited more investors into the world of Blockchain and Bitcoin. He is an author of the book, “The Business Blockchain.”

The book, talks about the business implications of Blockchain. The book titled ”the business Blockchain” is one of the best-selling books on the subject. It was quickly sold out because it was the first of its kind that gave out such vital information. It gave investors, or intending investors the loop holes to look out for before investing in Blockchain.

Everything in the book is in-depth and vital as William Mougayar who is also a researcher and an investor in the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. He has a blog which he writes personally. The blog is called startupmanagement.org. He writes this blog and gives in-depth analysis on tokens, Blockchain and Bitcoin. William Mougayar has helped to shape a lot of top companies, for the benefit of both the investors and the company.  William Mougayar is a consultant, advisor and board member in a variety of top companies that are involved in the Blockchain, such as the Coin Center, Ethereum Foundation, Steemit.com, OpenBazaar, OMERS Ventures, and a variety of other technology.  William Mougayar merges his experience to mentor Bitcoin, and Blockchain companies plus investors.

Mougayar has helped sustained the Bitcoin, and Blockchain space with his knowledge and has helped all its investors get their return of investments, (ROI).

With all this knowledge, William Mougayar, has spoken expertly in different places: schools, seminars and communities.

William Mougayar Impact on China

Mougayar was one of the influencers who gave a voice to the signing of Blockchain, and Bitcoin into the law of China. With his writing skills and the power of his blog, he wrote letters to the authorities, and wrote about the need for Blockchain, and Bitcoin revolution in China. Now, the Bitcoin and Blockchain revolution is successful worldwide partly because of his skillful influence and contribution to the cause.

Generally Mougayar has helped to identify the state of current Blockchains, and the “missing blocks” in the Blockchain space.

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