Not Enough Women?

You must have heard about gender issues in the cryptocurrency space. “There aren’t enough women in the cryptocurrency space.” There have been complaints about barriers keeping women from entering the space. For instance, it has been said that the “culture” in the crypto world is unwelcoming towards women. Subsequently, there have been calls to put in efforts to encourage the participation of women in the space and bridge the gap. Others are of the view that there is nothing stopping women from getting involved if they wish to.

We, at Crypto Core Media, have not waded into the debates. At least not yet. We have, however, put together a number of articles shedding light on the already bright women in the cryptocurrency space. These articles generally steer clear of controversy and simply talk about the work these women are doing in the cryptocurrency space.

How They Participate

The personalities we featured come from all walks of life and with different skills and educational backgrounds. We have Julie Albright, who is a digital sociologist, Kathryn Haun from the Department of Justice and Elizabeth McCauley who studied political science in college. The similarity among them is that they all found a way to incorporate crypto into their work.

We have women like Elizabeth Stark of Lightning Labs who are directly involved in the development of programs and software. There is Amber Baldet who was instrumental in the development of JP Morgan’s Quorum. Marie-Antoinette brings you C2Legacy, the digital will platform. You can also read about blockchain developer, Preethi Kasireddy here.

Another group of our personalities is into investing in digital asset related startups and funds. They are connectors making moves to help businesses in the space make strategic partnerships for growth. Others in this group play advisory roles for businesses in the space. For instance, Ayako Miyaguchi, director of the Ethereum Foundation, has been a long time advisor of the OmiseGO project.

We have writers too. Lily Katz of Bloomberg produces excellent articles on cryptocurrency related issues.Linda Xie, Arianna Simpson, and Meltem Demirors are not full-time writers or news reporters, but most contribute frequently to blogs and other news websites. Also, almost all these women speak on TV shows and at important events.

We cannot leave out the charity projects. Some of the featured personalities sit on boards of non-profit organizations. Others are actively involved in using blockchain technology to improve lives. Connie Gallippi gives back to society through BitGive Foundation and other projects of hers.

With Effort, the Gap Would be bridged With Time

Whatever your thoughts on gender issues are, you would agree that having more women involved is good for the cryptocurrency space. We, at Crypto Core Media, believe that it’s just a matter of time before there is an equal number of women at the forefront and leading in the cryptocurrency world. The pioneers in this field were mostly men. It is these pioneers who wield a great amount of respect and authority in the field. As was mentioned earlier, there are a lot of women doing great things in the space as well. As time goes on and they continue to deliver work with positive impact, we should have more of them playing lead roles in the community. In a merit-based community like ours, we can expect this to be a reality eventually.

If you haven’t already, do check out our articles on the amazing women making waves in the cryptocurrency space. Also, watch out for more.

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