XSports ICO Ending Early | Last Call To Purchase XSB Tokens

Las Vegas- 12-16-2017 XSports ICO is wrapping up their token sale earlier than previously planned. They are selling their final tokens until 12/20/2017.  The full price for the XSB Tokens at this time is $0.30 each.  The supply will not extend past the number of tokens sold during the ICO.  If any remain at the end of the sale those tokens will be discarded to increase rarity and theoretically, this will add to the value per token.

  • Create an account for the XSports ICO  by clicking here
  • Purchase XSB Tokens with ETH, BTC
  • After 3 BTC confirmations or 10 ETH confirmations, you will be credited XSB Tokens
  • Minimum deposit is 0.01450958 ETH or 0.00053360 BTC.
    XSports ICO Last Chance To buy XSB Tokens
    XSports ICO Ending Early

XSports ICO Ends 12-20-2017 Last Call To Buy XSB Tokens!

The Whitepaper explains the flaws of the gambling industry and proposes the way to solve them:

“Aside from these critical flaws, there are other areas that these systems fall short in. For example, users must rely on a central authority for trust—the site operators—to pay out their winnings, which can introduce waiting periods and delays in payouts, or not pay at all. Compounding this is the possibility of site vulnerabilities leading to hacks, leaving users with no recourse or recovery of their funds. Lastly, there is no transparency or verifiable accounting mechanism in place. Blockchain technology with the proper application, as with the Extreme SportsBook platform, is the solution.”
Emphasizing the use case applications, in summary, the whitepaper further reads  “We are able to offer a service that doesn’t rely on middlemen, making your wagers and winnings safer and quicker.”

No House Edge

XSports.io or Extreme Sportsbook uses Proof-of-Stake as a method of consensus to validate its transactions which is the most modest in its consumption of electricity compared to alternative blockchain models like in bitcoin or litecoin.  Xsports.io eliminates mistrust between the players and “the house” by implementing a blockchain with incentivized block rewards so the house doesn’t rely on “taking a cut” of the player’s money.

Normally a gaming operation involves a modest but consistent “rake” from the player’s money, similar to what casinos in Las Vegas refer to as a ‘Vig’ which is short for vigorish.  This small percentage that a casino collects along with the payouts in ratio to the true odds of any given game that a player can make a wager on are all part of the upper hand that a casino normally has over its players.  This is known as the “House Edge”. With no house edge, there is less temptation to abuse the system since there are no benefits in deceiving players.  In the old way of operating there was always middle-men passing collected bets through several hands.  XSports.io has no middlemen and thus another problem of mistrust is solved.


Media Contact : Mihai Cristian

email: support@xsports.io








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