Yahoo Finance Adds 100 Cryptocurrency Quotes Pages, Announces Crypto Summit

Yahoo Finance has, over the past few years, been one of the go-to platforms for institutional traders and investors, thanks to the amount of information available in it. From now on, Yahoo Finance is also a platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as the company recently announced it integrated cryptocurrency features on its platform, including over 100 quote pages.

Per the company’s Tumblr blog, these pages will be accessible on all its platforms and will include insights, profile information, historical data, market caps, and more. The addition comes from a partnership between Yahoo Finance and Cryptocompare.

In the blog post, Yahoo Finance’s head of product, Michael La Guardia, wrote:

“We’ve added over 100 cryptocurrency quote pages to Yahoo Finance across all platforms globally. From Ethereum to Zcash, these pages will include all of the powerful insights you’ve come to expect from Yahoo Finance.”

Yahoo Finance also signed a partnership with TradeIt, as the company boasts of allowing cryptocurrency investors to manually track their positions through portfolios on its platform by linking them to their Coinbase accounts.

Moreover, through mobile app integration, users will be able to view how their Coinbase accounts are doing without leaving the Yahoo Finance app. The move is sure to draw in institutional investors, as Yahoo Finance had over 156 million in October, according to web traffic data site SimilarWeb.

As La Guardia had previously stated, the company is “trying to make sure it’s always as effective as possible,” while providing users additional value through the website and app.

Yahoo’s Crypto Summit

At the end of the company’s blog post, Yahoo made it clear that it’ll focus on cryptocurrencies in its next original event. Thus, it announced the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit: Crypto, a crypto summit that’s set to take place on February 7, 2018 in New York City, at Oath’s BUILD Studio.

The event will feature Yahoo Finance’s editor in chief Andy Serwer and members of its editorial team, in association with CoinDesk, leading a series of conversations on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the technology behind it.

The company also revealed that it partnered with CoinDesk to support its own editorial team in serving its users the latest news and information on the most popular cryptocurrencies.