Zoe Dolan

Zoe Dolan | Crypto Queer Transgender Making Waves in Blockchain

Zoe Dolan – Finding Your Originality

One thing Bitcoin and Zoe Dolan seem to have in common is their ability to change the status quo and find their originality. Going the road less traveled is never an easy experience. In the early stages of Zoe’s transition and early days of Bitcoin, both were subjected to ridicule, hurtful words and even ‘blacklisting’.

But like a flowing stream that keeps moving regardless of any obstacles, Zoe and Bitcoin have both risen above earlier mentioned obstacles. One has an enviable general law practice and the other has a market cap running into billions of dollars.

Juggling a transition process and law school was double taxing for Zoe, especially emotionally and mentally. She doesn’t advise anyone to attempt such a combination. However, at that point in her life, it was crucial to give attention to the “her” seeking expression.

Initial perception of the public about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was that it was a bunch of useless stuff popular among gamers. In fact, even when Bitcoin started gaining popularity and increased in value, some (including highly intellectual persons) even called it a Ponzi scheme.

He to She & Centralized to Decentralized

Fundamental changes like the one Zoe Dolan and the world’s financial systems went through in the last decade involves a bumpy process and difficult times of learning and unlearning.

Transiting from he to she, post teen age means losing out on the original experiences of things like father-daughter relationship, prom date or first kiss. But now, Zoe is quiet a talented lawyer, admitted to practice in California and New York city. Formerly a criminal trial attorney, she has U.S. National Security Clearance which grants her Top Secret eligibility. Fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish, Zoe Dolan has traveled, worked and studied round the world.

As for blockchain, it sought to eliminate the need for the corrupt, controlling, centralized system by building a decentralized platform that thrives on trustless peer-to-peer transactions. Of course, monopolistic powers in the centralized system were not going to sit idle. Thanks to the banning spree by governments and large corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

These types of attacks on the crypto community has not held people like Zoe back. Drawing on her interest and knowledge in crypto, Zoe organizes an interactive workshop where she aims to give participants “everything you need to understand what cryptocurrency is, why we need it and how it works, and how you can buy, accept, trade, use and store cryptocurrency safely and securely.”

She’s the legal luminary behind the popular adult industry and blockchain project, SpankChain. Their native token SpankCoin is an ERC-20 token. The SpankChain project is aimed at revolutionizing the economic and technological infrastructure of the adult industry in order to promote micro payments, absolute anonymity, security and several other features.

Zoe Dolan has been able to draw strength from a supportive community of family and friends. So, also the decentralized community should come together to forge interoperability solutions.

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